Beach BBQ with our new Russian friends

Tim B April 29, 2012 Comments Off

Today we took a few fun Russian skiers out for a beach BBQ. It was one of their birthdays and they wanted a cool way to celebrate. We grilled up some ribeyes and spot sprawns, strummed some tunes on the guitar, and cheered with some tasty vino.

Our weather forecast called for rain, but thankfully the forecast was wrong.  In the bright sunshine we motored out to a beach beneath a few cascading waterfalls being fed by the melting snow above.

We got to our beach and unloaded all the gear. Diana was nice enough to start the charcoal and prep dinner while the rest of us headed out to pull the shrimp pots in order to gather the main ingredient to our beach-side feast.



We definitely weren't worried about going hungry; Spot prawns, ribeyes, baked potatoes and fresh corn.


The table was set for dinner. The view is looking toward Valdez.


Our Russian friends on the beach


Grilling up the steaks and spot prawns.


Sitting down to full plates amidst awesome scenery and sunshine.


Enjoying a great dinner with new friends.


Birthday Toast. Technically the birthday is tomorrow, but it was already tomorrow in Russia while we were toasting.


It's always good to have a friend that plays guitar for just these occasions.


Our new Russian friends.


The whole group, minus Diana taking the picture.