Tim B April 23, 2012 Comments Off

It’s late April and we may still have 5 feet of snow on the ground, but the spring shrimp opener is our precursor to a long and beautiful fishing season.  Time to put away the snowmachine and skis, and pull out the fishing gear!

Shrimp pots prepared for deployment.  We are allowed to fish 5 pots per boat.


Sunset view of Port Valdez.  Our house/neighborhood is to the left of the dark spruce-covered hill you see on the left side of the picture.


Diana attaching a shrimp pot to the line with a long line clip.


Diana throwing the shrimp pot into the sea.


Shrimp pot making a splash.  Do your job, Mr. Pot.


Line deploying, buoy waiting.  Our boat name:  Sea Ducktion.  Get it?


Diana throwing the buoy into the water.  Now we let them soak.  We normally leave them 24-48 hours before we pull them back up.


24 hours later . . .

Reed trapped on the bow of the boat, watching as we pull the pots.  She likes shrimpies too.


Diana using the mini pot-puller to pull the shrimp pots.  All hail the mini pot puller.  Before this we pulled by hand, and our hands bled.  Literally.  It was horrible.

Hand-pulling only lasted 1 day.  We immediately invested in a pot puller.


First pot of spot prawns coming up.


Diana bringing the shrimp pot on board.


Close-up of the spot prawns we caught.


Diana freeing the spot prawns.  4 more pots to go.


It wasn’t a large catch, but it made a great dinner.

Our first spot prawn dinner of the year, an all-Alaska surf and turf.  Grilled Spot Prawns with Char Grilled Venison Tenderloins and Three-Herb Chimichurri.