Sightseeing Trip

Tim B April 6, 2012 Comments Off

Diana and I run a fun little guide business, Valdez Outfitters, and during the spring months we offer sightseeing trips for the skiers that are in from around the world to heli-ski the Chugach Range.  The tours almost always occur on snowy/rainy days since those are the days they usually can’t fly the helicopters.

This spring we have had some stellar weather, so we have only given a couple tours.  We have had cool couples come though, one from Sweden and one from southern California.  The winters are great for seeing wildlife down at sea level.   We get schools of herring in the port that the Dall porpoises feed on, the mountain goats come right down to the water to feed on seaweed, seals congregate on ice floes, and the otters are always lazily floating around.  The goats have been the highlight of everyone’s trip out, including mine.  They are one of the coolest big game animals, in my opinion.

Here are a few photos from the trip today.